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Do you know Big Bag Attachment?

2024-05-31 15:54:15 By hz_manager

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This wheel loader attachment , customers call it: Big Bag Attachment.

This attachment is specially customized by our factory according to the requirements of customers. Our engineers design and improve its size according to the size provided by the customer and the model he needs to adapt. And make it realize the function of automatic unhooking.

The models adapted by the customer are ZL940 (load capacity 2.8T) and ZL946 (load capacity 3T)

Our engineers designed two sizes for it according to the model, and equipped it with a hook to increase the load capacity.

This attachment has a variety of functions. It can lift various heavy objects that cannot be borne by manual labor, completely freeing your hands and improving work efficiency.

The customer was very satisfied with the attachment and continued to repurchase 4 units wheel  loaders. Moreover, this attachment is now very popular and many customers have purchased it.

Therefore, our customized attachment is also favored by customers.

In our factory, why do we focus on the promotion of customized attachments? Because we understand the importance of having the right working tools.

The key to the success of our customized wheel loader attachments lies in their practicality. By working closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, we are able to create attachments that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our attachments are designed to be easy to use, durable and reliable, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of daily use in demanding environments.

In short, wheel loader attachments play a vital role in improving the performance and versatility of your wheel loader. With a wide range of attachments and the ability to customize solutions to meet specific needs, our factory is committed to providing customers with practical and efficient tools. Whether it is for construction, agriculture or any other industry, our wheel loader attachments can get the job done.
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