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Daily maintenance of loader

2020-07-20 16:07:15 By admin

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For the first maintenance, use about ten days to change the entire vehicle oil:
1. Engine oil (for ordinary models, use engine oil above CD level, and pressurized models use engine oil above CF level). Change the engine oil at the same time as the engine filter;
2. In the torque converter (automatic transmission) is 8# hydraulic transmission oil (cleaning the filter screen);
3. 85W/90 heavy-duty gear oil for gearbox, front and rear axles and wheel side gears;
4. Use 46# high pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil for hydraulic oil (cleaning filter screen);
5. Diesel must be used at regular gas stations to ensure quality.
Remarks: The above-mentioned various oils are recommended to use the brand (Unity, Great Wall)
2. Check the fastening screws frequently, check the fan triangle belt, water pipe, air filter tube, and air filter element to keep it clean and unblocked.
3. When raising and lowering the boom, the hopper needs to be retracted to prevent damage to the boom, middle boom, connecting rod and middle cylinder when raising and lowering.
4. When hoisting heavy objects, the hopper needs to be retracted, and the heavy objects cannot be lifted by tipping.
5. Use about a month to maintain the front and rear four wheels, add grease to the bearings, and adjust the brake clearance.
6. Before starting every day, check the water and oil (the oil should be kept between the upper limit and the lower limit of the oil scale, not too much or too little) and the connecting screws of the main components (such as: bridge, tire, engine, gearbox, transmission shaft, etc.) ).
7. Change the engine oil, engine filter, diesel filter, air filter, and clean the dust on the radiator every month according to the working conditions. The above parts need to be replaced twice in the harsh working environment (such as: loading grain, coal, etc.) , If you work for more than 12 hours a day, the above parts will be replaced twice a month.
8. The grease nozzles of all parts of the whole vehicle should be filled with butter (2# lithium base grease) once a day.
9. According to the local temperature, release the water in the engine, the water tank, (the water in the oil cooler of the 4108 model) in time before freezing, and replace the antifreeze to prevent the body from being damaged by freezing.
10. The one-meter accessory bucket must be welded to limit the bucket position before the user installs it on the car.

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