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Brazilian Dealer Buys Back Diesel Forklifts Again

2024-05-24 16:35:06 By hz_manager

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Brazilian dealer purchased 6 diesel forklifts again.
The customer chose Xinchai A495 (40KW)and Xinchai C490(45W) engines this time, with a 3*4.5 meter fully free mast, which can directly enter the container and work in the container. It is equipped with double air filters to reduce noise and pollution, and is equipped with TOYOTA The seat makes it more comfortable for the driver to operate the forklift and work for long periods of time.

The benefits of forklifts:
1. Improve material operation efficiency: Reduce personnel labor intensity and improve working conditions. One forklift can replace the physical labor of 8-15 loading and unloading workers. When forklifts are operating, the loading, unloading, stacking, and transportation of goods can be mechanized by relying solely on the driver’s operation without the need for auxiliary labor from loading and unloading workers. The labor intensity is greatly reduced and the operating efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Shorten operating time: speed up material turnover, thereby speeding up the utilization of vehicles and ships.

3. Make full use of space: Make full use of space and save warehouse area. Using forklifts, the goods can be stacked higher, currently more than 10m, and the warehouse volume utilization can be increased several times.

4. Save packaging costs: Use pallets and containers to hold goods, simplifying cargo packaging and saving packaging costs.

5. Improved safety: Using forklifts can relieve heavy manual labor, reduce personal injury accidents, and improve operating safety.

6. Reduce costs: It can reduce cargo damage, reduce loading and unloading costs, and achieve safe loading and unloading.

We have forklifts with a load capacity of 2ton to 10ton for you to choose from, and attachments with different functions can be equipped to meet your various transportation and work requirements. Come and ask me at free time.

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